How to remove number and name from true caller app

How to remove number and name from true caller app

how to remove name and number from true caller app

Welcome back,You all know that,True caller app is that app which is used to get exact name of any phone number. But some times,It is unusual because of some personal reasons.

How true caller app works

Well,When you or your friends installed true caller app, then you all have to persmission for contact for this app,After that this app copied all contact details from your contact files as same as your contact name in it's website.

Well,You call any friend's number and if true caller app is installed in your friend's mobile, then of course your name will be shown in his mobile phone(becoz your number is already copied by true caller app through your any friend).

How to unlist my number and name from true caller app

      1st Method

Simply go true caller>> tap gear icon>>About true caller>>Deactivate account

      2nd method

°Go True caller unlist page 

°Enter your number

°Give reason, why are you Deactivate ur number
°Enter captcha code
°click unlist

Congratulations your number and name will be removed within 24 hours(It is mentioned from true caller app team).

You may check it by your frien's mobile by contacting him.

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